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In terms of personality, there isn't all that much that changes with Celica. She's still her regular ol' self, but with heavy regrets gained over the years of the Dark War, and perhaps more strength and understanding.

Back in Phase 0, Celica and co. came across Kushinada's Lynchpin -- an instrument that could halt seithr activity and the Black Beast for five years, therefore giving a stalling period for people to relax and not have their lives threatened constantly and for Nine to develop some sort of weapon or means of destroying the monster. Of course, such a helpful device came with a price: Celica's life. For the Lynchpin to work, it needed the soul of a human with a great life force -- someone who could use healing magic. Since such mages were rare and ones as strong as Celica even rarer, she was really their only option. While she was scared (and rightfully so, as she would be alive and alone for those five years, her life gradually dissipating), she did want to use it. Even if it would only be a temporary stopper, it would give the world the opportunity it needed. Ragna and Nine would not allow her to do it, however, and instead the former went up against the Beast himself, stopping it for a year.

Ragna's sacrifice did help a lot, but not nearly as much as Celica's would have. The stalling time was cut by several years, forcing Nine and the others to work under an even tighter time constraint. Naturally, their work wasn't even as great as it could have been, as Kokonoe points out. But more importantly, during the war, even after Nine created ars magus, people were still dying everywhere. After the year of time Ragna bought, the world was still too weak to fight against the Black Beast, so even more deaths occurred.

Because of this all and for the entirety of her life, Celica deeply regretted not having had used the Lynchpin herself. If she had, all those deaths wouldn't have happened, Nine could have had more time to develop something powerful enough to defeat the Black Beast before it started attacking again, and just overall, the world would have been better off.

When Celica explains these regrets in Chrono Phantasma, Ragna isn't happy to hear them at all. He tries talking her out of them and telling her there's no reason to feel such remorse. After all, it was because of her still being alive that Nine could do all that work and create ars magus in the first place. Had Celica, her sister, had been gone, Nine wouldn't have had the willpower to do any of that at all, even with the extra years of stalling. As such, without Celica being alive, they wouldn't have ever defeated the Black Beast.

Despite her worries being put to rest, however, Celica is still willing to sacrifice herself for the cause in Chrono Phantasma. She's totally on board with them finding another way to activate the Lynchpin, but she's also completely willing to stand in as Kokonoe's "insurance" and activate it herself if need may be. Likewise, when the Master Unit and Take-Mikazuchi are appearing, Celica's quick to listen to Kokonoe and leave Ragna and the others (only to have them follow) to absorb the incredible amounts of seithr in the area, or to ultimately just jump right at Take-Mikazuchi. It's safe to assume that while her regrets have been put behind her, she still doesn't want to potentially put this future world through what the past world endured and have more lives taken away.

It’s also worth noting how easily she takes the events in the game, as well as her fate. She mentions having been surprised upon awakening in the future, and feeling as if the whole situation is surreal. But she doesn’t freak out about anything and instead takes it all pretty well. This includes her existence. The fact that she’s a “copy” of the “original” Celica, using the body she’s in as a vessel similarly to Hakumen, means that her powers are limited. Also, due to the fact that there’s so much more seithr in the world than during her own time, her life is limited as well and is predicted to end within six months. This really doesn’t seem to faze her at all; however, even more surprising is how easily she takes the fact that her sister is dead. Looking back at how emotional she got over her family’s situation and wellbeing in the novels, her not doing the same over Nine’s death shows some growth on Celica’s part, whether in emotional strength or in understanding and acceptance of the fact that this is the future, and a lot has happened between her time and this one.

Also she apparently has no problem with helping Ragna take a piss if he’s physically incapable of doing it himself. Zero problem. No hesitation. None. Zip. Nada. Nihil.

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